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WELCOME TO DUBLIN DOULA birth mentoring services. The original and best DUBLIN DOULAS with 15 years  experience supporting mothers, families and babies in the Greater Dublin area. I I am a birth expert, offering, established and trusted birth mentoring services, doula services, placenta encapsulation services, birth advocacy services and wellness mentoring. I have well established working arrangements with  other healthcare professionals in the community and  all three Dublin maternity hospitals. I run a unique individual Irish business tailor made to families in Dublin and  I am renowned within Irish and international  birth circles as a women’s advocate and supporter by families, midwives, advocacy organisations, the Department of Health, HIQA and the HSE.

I work with mothers fathers and families to ensure that the pre conception, pregnancy and birth of your baby are memorable and  times when you feel supported and informed.

Each birth heralds not just the birth of a baby but the birth of a mother too, and my role is to nurture the birth of the mother in you. If you are already a mother then this birth offers you an opportunity to evolve into a mother of a growing family; each new child changes us and our family and my role is to help you prepare for that emotionally and physically. If you are about to become a father or a second mother then my role is to also support you in the pregnancy and birth of your child. I will enable you to support your partner with confidence and ease and I will ensure that you are a confident advocate for your partner either at home or in the hospital.

I have worked as a doula since 2003 and so am one of Dublin’s most experienced doulas. I have experience of working with mums having caesarean births, home births, low tech hospital births and high tech hospital births and with women expecting twins!

As a doula, I  serve the three main Dublin maternity hospitals of The Coombe, The NMH and The Rotunda, and have attended many home births too. I am based in Sandymount, Dublin which means all three hospitals are within easy access.

I have seen the great benefit that having a doula can offer a mother, especially if she is a first time mother trying to negotiate the maternity services. Research on doulas show that their presence can significantly reduce the incidence of interventions. Mothers who have had difficult experiences in previous births can also especially benefit from the services of a doula. However, I firmly believe that EVERY mother deserves a doula  All mothers deserve to have someone there just for them during a birth; someone to nurture, care and support not just with the head but with the heart too! More on the benefits of doulas can be found here. If you are not sure what a doula does then read more here.

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I offer the following services:

Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula

Birth Mentoring

Mother Blessings

Placenta encapsulation

Homeopathic Services

You can find out more about what my previous clients have thought of me by reading my testimonials, and you can find out more about how I came to be a doula by reading more about me. If you would like to talk through any of my services please call me or contact me. If you are wondering how much it costs to use my services, you ll find more information on each of the pages detailing the services, but I talk more about doula costs here.

National Breastfeeding week continues and it was great to be invited to sit on a n expert panel today at the NMH discussing breastfeeding in Ireland.

One of the important topics of discussion was the language surrounding breastfeeding and trying to keep that positive.

It's important that every mother who wants to breastfeed is given the appropriate evidence based information early on in her pregnancy to enable her to make choices about feeding. After her baby is born, if she chooses to breastfeed, it is vital that she has access to the necessary support and expertise both in the hospital and her community to enable her to initiate and continue breastfeeding.

Women's experiences of breastfeeding matter! Let's make them good ones whether you feed for a day, a week, a month, or beyond two years. Every breastfeeding counts. #NBW2017

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Delighted to start off our celebration of national breastfeeding week representing AIMS Ireland at the Aras. So exciting to meet so many of my previous clients! ...

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Busy first week home! Antenatal meeting with my doula client for October, two placentas encapsulated, blog on the National Maternity Strategy written, CPD training weekend in breastfeeding counselling completed, two new prospective doula clients signed up, daughter's birthday celebrated and panelist at post play performance at the Coombe hospital ticked!

Oh and usual PTA duties. Wonder will all my weeks be like this?!😃

None the less, there is always time for a walk on the beautiful #Sandymount Strand at the top of my road!

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I am looking forward to representing AIMS Ireland at this post show discussion. Anyone around the Coombe or planning to birth there might be interested in coming along ...

Daughters of the Revolution: Coombe Hospital

September 14, 2017, 7:00pm - September 15, 2017, 3:30pm

Following a sold-out run in Dublin’s Harbour Playhouse in 2016, 4elements Theatre Company are delighted to launch the national tour of Daughters of the Revolution in the Education Centre, Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital. Performances are at 7pm, Thursday and Friday the 14th and 15th of September. Tickets €15 (plus booking fee) from www.eventbrite.com/e/daughters-of-the-revolution-tickets-36744400491 Directed by ambitious theatre-maker/writer Kate Harris, with original music by award-winning composer Doc O’Connor, and staring Clodagh Downing, Benjamin Musgrave, and Diana O’Connor. Daughters of the Revolution is a darkly satirical theatre provocation, offering vivid insights into exactly what women have to go through to get from pregnancy to birth. Daughters of the Revolution follows Evelyn Murphy on her journey down the rabbit hole of maternity. Evelyn’s story creates a picture of contemporary Ireland in a time of rising birth-rates, uncertain economic prospects, and a health service in crisis. Join the conversation! Following the performances, the audience will have the opportunity to discuss the reality of the maternity services with a panel of experts drawn from obstetrics, midwifery, and the community. Daughters of the Revolution aims to create a space for women, families, and healthcare professionals to come together and share experiences and ideas. Following the performance in the Coombe Education Centre, Daughters of the Revolution will tour in 2017/2018 to Central Arts, Waterford: September 16th and 17th; Granary Theatre, Cork: January 18-20th (2018); Mick Lally Theatre, Galway: February 23-24th (2018); and Limerick: March 8th (2018).

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Thank you tho my beautiful labyrinth for providing me with so many enlightening meditative moments this summer.

I have walked it so many times holding all the women I am supporting in my heart💛

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