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WELCOME TO DUBLIN DOULA birth mentoring services. The original and best DUBLIN DOULAS with 15 years  experience supporting mothers, families and babies in the Greater Dublin area. I I am a maternity care and birth expert, offering, established and trusted birth mentoring services, doula services, placenta encapsulation services, birth advocacy services and wellness mentoring.

I have well established working arrangements with other healthcare professionals in the community and am a familiar doula in all three Dublin maternity hospitals. I run a unique individual Irish business tailor made to families in Dublin and  I am renowned within Irish and international  birth circles as a women’s advocate and supporter by families, midwives, advocacy organisations, the Department of Health, HIQA and the HSE. I am a regular speaker at childbirth and parenting conferences and you will also regularly hear me in the media discussing maternity services from a service user’s perspective.

I work with mothers fathers and families to ensure that the pre conception, pregnancy and birth of your baby are memorable and  times when you feel supported and informed.

Each birth heralds not just the birth of a baby but the birth of a mother too, and my role is to nurture the birth of the mother in you. If you are already a mother then this birth offers you an opportunity to evolve into a mother of a growing family; each new child changes us and our family and my role is to help you prepare for that emotionally and physically. If you are about to become a father or a second mother then my role is to also support you in the pregnancy and birth of your child. I will enable you to support your partner with confidence and ease and I will ensure that you are a confident advocate for your partner either at home or in the hospital.

I have worked as a doula since 2003 and so am Dublin’s most experienced doula. I have experience of working with mums having caesarean births, home births, low tech hospital births and high tech hospital births and with women expecting twins!

As a doula, I  serve the three main Dublin maternity hospitals of The Coombe, The NMH and The Rotunda, and have attended many home births too. I am based in Sandymount, Dublin which means all three hospitals are within easy access.

I have seen the great benefit that having a doula can offer a mother, especially if she is a first time mother trying to negotiate the maternity services. Research on doulas show that their presence can significantly reduce the incidence of interventions. Mothers who have had difficult experiences in previous births can also especially benefit from the services of a doula. However, I firmly believe that EVERY mother deserves a doula  All mothers deserve to have someone there just for them during a birth; someone to nurture, care and support not just with the head but with the heart too! More on the benefits of doulas can be found here. If you are not sure what a doula does then read more here.

In 2018 I was short listed for UK/Ireland s doula of the year by the #MAMACONFERENCE2018

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Krysia Lynch shortlisted for Doula of the Year 2018

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I offer the following services:

Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula

Birth Mentoring

Mother Blessings

Placenta encapsulation

Homeopathic Services

You can find out more about what my previous clients have thought of me by reading my testimonials, and you can find out more about how I came to be a doula by reading more about me. If you would like to talk through any of my services please call me or contact me. If you are wondering how much it costs to use my services, you ll find more information on each of the pages detailing the services, but I talk more about doula costs here.

One of the things that I always discuss with my clients is how they would like to have the well-being of their baby monitored during labour and whether they are interested in having an initial 20 minute admissions continuous monitoring trace.

In order to answer these questions women need to know what the evidence base for them is and we spend done tone discussing this antenatally.

Here is a great article from AIMS on monitoring fetal well being; the options and the evidence. #maternity #evidence #efm #ctg


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Easter is a fertility celebration coming from the goddess Oestra.

So today may all your eggs be blessed, May all those hoping to start a new family have their dreams come true. For those whose eggs have recently hatched; enjoy. . .. and for the rest of us may the Easter bunny bring LOTS of chocolate!

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I ended #WorldDoulaWeek the same way in which I started it; at a labouring woman's side.

Sometimes labour is fast and furious, powerful and wild, and sometimes it is shy and soft, waiting for just the right moment when a woman makes that amazing connection with that deep divine feminine power within.

Every birth is unique. Every birth tells its own story of courage, of determination, of great doubt and great faith. Every birth reveals the goddess within, and every birth asks the doula a different question. A doula needs to be still in the storm, to connect deeply with her intuition and to trust profoundly when the questions come, because it is she will hold the space for everyone present.

Today I was privileged to watch that all unfold as a woman made a journey deeper than she perhaps thought she was capable of, and after a long time, gave birth so simply with no interventions to a beautiful baby girl. as sunlight filled the room<3

Painting Lisa M. Nelson

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In the wee hours of this morning, the first day of Spring and the first day of world doula week, twin boys arrived into the world. Quite simply and quite naturally without the usual interventions people assume is normal for twins.

It is possible to give birth to twins vaginally. It is possible to do it without an epidural. It is possible to keep a twin pregnancy going beyond 38 weeks, but what a mother needs in order to achieve this is evidenced based information, determination, self belief and support from those who believe in her.

Honoured to have been chosen to be by her side and awed as ever by what mothers can do. Doulas help make birth happen, but mothers do all the work!

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Image km berrgren

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Today its my birthday! I was born just at the end of the astrological year just managing my the skin of my teeth to become a Pisces, My mum was offered a home birth with me but my father was uncertain about that so my mum ended up attending the local maternity clinic. At 40 weeks I had settled into a breech position, so whilst my mum had a trial of labour, she gave birth to me via c birth and a general anaesthetic .

She woke up and only wanted to look into my eyes. Deep inside her, like all new mothers she had an innate knowing of that intense need to immediately connect with her baby and she was facilitated by an Irish midwife.

She breastfed me exclusively for six months and picked me up whenever I cried despite austere warnings that she would be spoiling me from the medical profession.

She didnt really know what to expect and she was all alone in a foreign country with no relatives or friends to support her before during or after her birth.

When I had my home birth, I felt it was a healing experience for her as much as an evidenced based choice for me.I am the only person in my entire family on both sides going back to time immemorial and going forwards to my own children to be born in hospital and to be born by c birth.

Now as a doula I am privileged to be able to offer support to other women in my care and I am acutely aware of so many women birthing in Dublin without their friends or family nearby and what that can feel like pregnant and with a new baby.

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