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WELCOME TO DUBLIN DOULA birth mentoring services. The original and best DUBLIN DOULAS with 15 years  experience supporting mothers, families and babies in the Greater Dublin area. I I am a birth expert, offering, established and trusted birth mentoring services, doula services, placenta encapsulation services, birth advocacy services and wellness mentoring. I have well established working arrangements with  other healthcare professionals in the community and  all three Dublin maternity hospitals. I run a unique individual Irish business tailor made to families in Dublin and  I am renowned within Irish and international  birth circles as a women’s advocate and supporter by families, midwives, advocacy organisations, the Department of Health, HIQA and the HSE.

I work with mothers fathers and families to ensure that the pre conception, pregnancy and birth of your baby are memorable and  times when you feel supported and informed.

Each birth heralds not just the birth of a baby but the birth of a mother too, and my role is to nurture the birth of the mother in you. If you are already a mother then this birth offers you an opportunity to evolve into a mother of a growing family; each new child changes us and our family and my role is to help you prepare for that emotionally and physically. If you are about to become a father or a second mother then my role is to also support you in the pregnancy and birth of your child. I will enable you to support your partner with confidence and ease and I will ensure that you are a confident advocate for your partner either at home or in the hospital.

I have worked as a doula since 2003 and so am one of Dublin’s most experienced doulas. I have experience of working with mums having caesarean births, home births, low tech hospital births and high tech hospital births and with women expecting twins!

As a doula, I  serve the three main Dublin maternity hospitals of The Coombe, The NMH and The Rotunda, and have attended many home births too. I am based in Sandymount, Dublin which means all three hospitals are within easy access.

I have seen the great benefit that having a doula can offer a mother, especially if she is a first time mother trying to negotiate the maternity services. Research on doulas show that their presence can significantly reduce the incidence of interventions. Mothers who have had difficult experiences in previous births can also especially benefit from the services of a doula. However, I firmly believe that EVERY mother deserves a doula  All mothers deserve to have someone there just for them during a birth; someone to nurture, care and support not just with the head but with the heart too! More on the benefits of doulas can be found here. If you are not sure what a doula does then read more here.

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I offer the following services:

Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula

Birth Mentoring

Mother Blessings

Placenta encapsulation

Homeopathic Services

You can find out more about what my previous clients have thought of me by reading my testimonials, and you can find out more about how I came to be a doula by reading more about me. If you would like to talk through any of my services please call me or contact me. If you are wondering how much it costs to use my services, you ll find more information on each of the pages detailing the services, but I talk more about doula costs here.

Knowing how to attach your baby at the breast ensures comfortable breastfeeding and an optimal milk supply.

Most babies attach themselves easily when enabled with plentiful skin to skin directly after birth. Some babies who have had a more medicated birth, or who have been born with an assisted delivery, or in some cases very quickly, may find it more challenging. Here is a fab video for optimal attachment. #Breastfeeding


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Congratulations to my third doula client this November, who birthed and caught her third baby, a much long longed for girl under frosty skies and a crescent moon today.

It was a particularly special birth for me to support, as seventeen years ago to the day I was also in labour learning the same lessons of fearlessness, determination and courage as my client. 💚

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Sometimes birth makes you wait, and sometimes it doesn't!

Congratulations to my doula client whose baby arrived earlier than we all expected under the dark moon this weekend. .. .

Despite being a first time mother she led us into the hospital to give birth simply and easily two hours later. As ever, what women always need is respectful evidenced based care and continuous support so that they can realise their strength within. 💚

Painting by Amanda Greavette

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Every birth calls a doula to offer something different. Because every birth is a unique majestic transformative journey.

Sometimes birth asks you to keep still, silent and watchful, sometimes birth asks a doula to focus on practicalities information and science and sometimes birth is very hands on with lots of massage and acupressure.

Sometimes the doula s role is simply to support the waiting.

I met with one of my doula clients today and we agreed that my role in this birth would be to bring the energy of all the women who had birthed before and all the women who know her, love her and who will hold her in joy tenderness and care until birth comes 💚

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Really enjoying learning even more about hormonally dominated skin disorders during adolescence pregnancy and the postpartum, as well as helping support mothers whose babies and young children are suffering from eczema and psoriasis.

Berberis Red Clover and Dulcamara are three helpful herbs/remedies.

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