Courses in  2016

Here are a list of courses that Dublin Doula will be running in the year 2016.

Theme 1: Homoeopathy. Course topics from last year include homeopathy to support pregnancy, homeopathy to support labour and birth, homeopathy to support the postpartum period , homeopathy to support breastfeeding, hoemopathy to ease symptoms of common children’s ailments, homeopathy for doulas, first aid homoepathy.

Theme 2: Pregnancy and birth. Preparing for labour and birth,  Preparing to have a VBAC, Preparing to breastfeeding your new baby.

Theme 3: Living in joy and wellness. Stress free parenting. Nourishing yourself, nourishing your parenting.

Diary 2016

January 31st  Keeping your Children Healthy with Herbs and Homeopathy.

April 30th Keeping  the whole family healthy and well this summer with homeopathy.