Are you drawn to the amazing process of giving birth? Have you an interest in supporting people? Are you an advocate? Woulld you like to enable people to recognise their true potential in one of the most transformative processes we as human beings can go through?

If you answered yes to any of those questions and many others then maybe doula training is for you?

Perhaps you are already involved in birth work and want to take your training further? Maybe you are a pregnancy yoga teacher or an antenatal educator? Or maybe you work in complementary health or in mainstream health?

This course is like no other on offer because it draws on my huge experience working as a doula in Dublin since 2003. I have attended nearly 100 births now, at home and in all three Dublin maternity hospitals. I have been formally trained and certified as an antenatal teacher and also as a doula for many years now. I taught my first doula training course in 2014 and since then I have built upon that experience to offer what I believe is the best course possible to prepare people to support others in the Irish Maternity System.

In addition to being an established doula I also have a huge background in education and research. I was an Associate Professor at Trinity College Dublin prior to having my first child and so am very familiar with designing and evaluating high quality course and learning materials.

The course will consist of both left brained and right brained learning approaches nd will prepare you fully to work within the Irish Maternity Care Setting, both with and without covid restrictions.

Some of the topics covered will include

  • Maternity systems and models of care available in Ireland.
  • Birth Preferences.
  • The Stages of Labour and Positions of the baby.
  • Pharmacological Pain Coping Strategies.
  • Hands on Doula support in all stages of labour and childbirth
  • Postnatal Support
  • Your doula business.

Please note that there are very limited spaces on this course.


  • 23rd – 24th January 2021
  • 20th – 21st February 2021
  • 20th – 21st March 2021
  • 17th – 18th April 2021


Insight Matters 106 Capel St Dublin 1


Option 1: Super Early Bird
Full Payment before 14th October 2020 €1,000
Option 2: Super Early Bird Two Instalments
First instalment by 14th September 2020 €525
Second Instalment by 14th October 2020 €525
Option 3: Early Bird
Full payment before 14th November €1100
Option 4: Early Bird Two Instalments
First instalment by 14th October 2020 €575
Second Instalment by 14th November 2020 €575
Option 5: Standard
Full payment €1200
Option 6: Standard Two instalments
First instalment by 14th November 2020 €625
Second Instalment by 14th December 2020 €625

Terms and Conditions:

Course Progression: It is anticipated that the course will run in person. Depending on the situation with Covid 19, some of the sessions may have to move on line. If this is the case we may have to have extra sessions to accommodate the content. You will be advised of this should it be the case.
Refunds: A full refund will be provided until 14th October 2020 should you wish to cancel your booking. After this a 50% refund will be offered until the 14th November 2020 should you wish to cancel your booking and a 25% refund until the 14th December 2020. No refunds are offered after this date.
Cancellation: If the course is cancelled prior to January 2021 you will receive a full refund.
Payments may be made by Bank Transfer – Please contact me for details at