In these very difficult and uncertain times for pregnant people in Ireland I am currently taking my antenatal doula package online. People need even more support from a trusted source than ever now. My prenatal doula package is designed to offer consistent support, education and information from the time you book me to the time you have your baby, and includes a free postnatal visit.

My online Antenatal Doula Birth Mentoring  and Birth Coaching Service is designed for people looking for support guidance and information form a trusted source all the way through their pregnancy. Our maternity service is highly fragmented and often pregnant people find that they do not get to see the same person at each visit. Having an antenatal doula or a birth mentor enables you to have one person always there for your all the way through your pregnancy. My birth mentoring service enables you to feel confident in your birth preparation, and also to feel empowered ready for your parenting journey.

My service includes:

  • A free consultation on the phone to decide whether I am a good match for you and your partner(if you have one).
  • Four online antenatal sessions to discuss your needs in labour and to help you draw up your birth preferences  and to focus on  birth preparation. These may be done in the comfort of your home or depending on government guidelines online.

Topics covered in these sessions include

  •  How to support early labour at home
  •  Proven Pain coping and breathing techniques for early labour
  •  How to recognize labour is becoming active
  • How to create a toolbox of physical support items you might use during early and active labour
  •  When to go to the hospital
  •  How to advocate for your partner
  •  How to understand information on the benefits and risks of procedures and interventions
  • Looking at the evidence base surrounding birth interventions and knowing how to avoid unnecessary routine interventions
  • How to best manage an induction
  • How to create an effective birth preference sheet
  • Effective massage and affirmation techniques
  • Looking at the transformative nature of birth and preparing to become parents.
  • Exploring  the time line of birth and how we move through from early labour to active labour to birthing our babies and our placenta,
  • Creating and using your own visualisation tools
  • Exploring strategies to cope with the intensity and sensations of labour and  birth. including physical, emotional and visualisation strategies and finding your individual inherent coping skills
  • Examining anxieties  and fears
  • Understanding what pharmacological pain medications are available during labour in a hospital setting,
  • Exploring how to work with midwives and other staff you may meet on your journey,
  • Identifying what happens to your body and your baby as you move through labour and birth
  • Ensuring you are prepared for a cesarean birth should one occur.

Antenatal sessions last approximately two hours.

  • Phone and email Support from time of booking to birth to discuss and issues or queries you might have about your pregnancy and labour
  • Two zoom calls of 45 minutes each  to discuss your needs and questions as labour comes closer. Extra zoom calls can be added at €75 each.
  • One postnatal visit online or phone consultation valued at €100 as part of the package to ensure that any issues associated with breastfeeding or sleep can be answered and also to address any questions you might have about your birth and how you are feeling.

The charge for this service is €900, of which a non-refundable €200 deposit is due at booking. The remaining balance is due in two €400 instalments, All fees to be paid by 36 weeks.