Bespoke Small Online Group Antenatal Childbirth Preparation Classes

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Online Group Antenatal Childbirth Preparation Classes are designed for all prospective parents and offer a comprehensive antenatal preparation course based on the premise of Active Birth and Birthing from Within. Classes last half a day and focus on the following:

  • Post covid19 birth restrictions
  • Coping with coid19 restrctions
  • How to support early labour at home
  • Proven Pain coping and breathing techniques for early labour
  • How to recognize labour is becoming active
  • How to create a toolbox of physical support items you might use during early and active labour
  • When to go to the hospital
  • How to advocate for your partner
  • How to understand information on the benefits and risks of procedures and interventions
  • How to avoid unnecessary routine interventions
  • How to best manage an induction
  • How to create an effective birth preference sheet
  • Strategies to cope with the unexpected such as a c birth
  • Exploring strategies to cope with the intensity of birth. including physical, emotional and visualisation strategies.
  • Effective massage techniques
  • Effective visualisation techniques  and hypnobirthing
  • Effective breathing techniques
  • Effective affirmation techniques
  • Exploring the time line of birth and how we move through from early labour to birthing the placenta
  • Looking at the evidence base surrounding birth interventions
  • Understanding what pharmacological pain medications are available during labour in a hospital setting
  • Exploring how to work with midwives and other staff you may meet on your journey
  • Ensuring you are prepared for a cesarean birth should one occur.

These classes take place on zoomClasses are usually shared with no more than 3 other couples and cost €150 per couple for half a day. Next Course 2pm – 6pm 1st November 2020. To book please call 0877543751 or email

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