Antenatal sessions with De Luxe Doula Package

Topics covered during two  antenatal sessions

  • Exploring strategies to cope with the intensity of labour and birth. including physical, emotional and visualisation strategies.
  • Learning aa variety of coping skills for the sensations of labour and finding your inherent coping skills,
  • Identifying visualisation techniques and tools for staying focused during labour and creating and using your own visualisation tools
  • Exploring physical supports to enable you to physically prepare and feel more comfortable in the labour and  preparing a birth tool box
  • Exploring affirmations and ways to support staying positive during birth
  • Examining anxieties  and fears surrounding this labour and birth
  • Appreciating  birth as a rite of passage,
  • Exploring  the time line of birth and how we move through from early labour to birthing the placenta,
  • Looking at the evidence base surrounding birth interventions
  • Understanding what pharmacological pain medications are available during labour in a hospital setting,
  • Exploring how to work with midwives and other staff you may meet on your journey,
  • Explaining what happens to your body and your baby as you move through labour and birth.
  • Ensuring you are prepared for a caesarean birth should one occur.
  • Preparing you and your partner for breastfeeding and early parenting;
  • Ensuring you understand early breastfeeding behaviour

Sessions are three hours each and happen in the comfort of your own home.

Transport costs €15 – €25 per visit extra depending on where you live.

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