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Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Birth #krysialynch

Homeopathic Services

Homeopathy is a wonderful way to support your body and emotions during pregnancy labour birth and after you have our baby. Homeopathy is safe for both mother and baby and so its the preferred choice of  many mothers both for themselves and their baby. I offer antenatal and postnatal consultations, and also homeopathic consultations for babies toddlers and children. For my birth doula clients I offer a  full homeopathic service during labour and birth and for people who are not my doula clients I offer a one to one consultation for parents showing them how to self prescribe during labour and birth.

Homeopathic Consultations and Support during your Pregnancy Labour Birth and Parenting Journey

Homeopathy can be extremely useful in pregnancy labour birth and the postpartum. It is a gentle safe support for many of the symptoms of pregnancy and can support a woman’s emotional mental and physical state during labour and birth. Homeopathy can also help ease many of the symptoms associated with the postpartum period. Homeopathy is used extensively to support new babies and young children in the formative years and can be very helpful with the symptoms of teething, colic and fevers.

Pre-Conception Support and Care with Homeopathy

One of the main things that a homeopathic treatment can do is to help balance our energies our physical states and our mental and emotional states. Many issues associated with preconception are also associated with balancing ourselves as holistic human beings. Homeopathy can help with the symptoms of PCOS, painful and irregular periods, mood swings and many other symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle. Many people undergoing IVF or Assisted Fertility find that homeopathic support enables them to manage those treatments better. I offer preconception consultations, both for women and couples starting at €100. (First visit €130)  To book contact dublindoulas@gmail.com

Homeopathic Support during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of change both emotionally physically and mentally and homeopathy can support many of the symptoms pregnant people find themselves experiencing. Homeopathy can help ease the symptoms of morning sickness and also those associated with emotional changes in early pregnancy. Homeopathy can also help ease the symptoms associated with varicose veins, piles, UTIs and heartburn amongst other things. Homeopathy in Pregnancy also works very well in conjunction with the Tissue Salt Program in Pregnancy. I offer general consultations during pregnancy for both constitutional treatment, acute treatment and using the Tissue Salt Program. Consultations during pregnancy start at €85 (First visit €130). To book contact dublindoulas@gmail.com

Homeopathic Support during Labour and Birth

I offer full Homeopathic support during labour and birth as part of my Birth Doula Service. For those parents not availing of my Birth Doula Services however, its useful to know how to use the remedies and how to distinguish between them. I offer short training courses on how to use homeopathy for labour and birth and I also offer one to one sessions for parents showing them how to use homeopathic birth kits and how to create their own homeopathic kits tailored to them. Consultations on using birth kits and homeopathy during labour and birth start at €100. To book contact dublindoulas@gmail.com

Homeopathic Support in the Postnatal Period

The postnatal period can be a period of huge upheaval and adjustment. Not only might you be a parent for the first time, but many mothers are still processing and coming to terms with their birth experiences and also coping with a wide variety of physical symptoms. Homeopathy  can help support you during this  sometimes overwhelming time. Homeopathy can help with the symptoms of bruising, soft tissue trauma, tears, cuts, scars, grazes and exhaustion. Postnatal homeopathic consultations start at €85 (First visit €130). To book contact dublindoulas@gmail.com

Homeopathic Support for Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding whilst a natural physiological process is often hindered by our modern birthing practices and the over medicalisation of birth. It can sometimes take parents and babies a little while to find their breastfeeding mojo. The symptoms of issues  such as mastitis, sore nipples, breast blebs, plugged ducts and diminished supply can all be supported by homeopathy. Homeopathic Consultations for acute breastfeeding issues start at €85. To book contact dublindoulas@gmail.com

Homeopathic Support for Babies and Children

Young babies and children are very well supported emotionally physically and mentally by constitutional homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic treatments for babies and children start at €100. (First visit €130) To book contact dublindoulas@gmail.com

Homeopathic remedies and tinctures made from your placenta start at €60

Your amazing placenta can be used to make homeopathic remedies as well as tinctures and essences. These remedies can last your baby for their whole life and are a bespoke remedy make just for them.

  • Placenta essence: €60
  • Placenta tincture: €80
  • Placenta homeopathic pack 1 €100
    • Placenta tincture
    • Placenta 6c granules Placenta 6c pilules
    • Placenta 6c medicating potency
  • Placenta homeopathic pack  2 €150
    • Placenta tincture
    • Placenta 6c granules
    • Placenta 6c pilules
    • Placenta 6c medicating potency
    • Placenta 30 (or 40c) granules,
    • Placenta 30 (or 40c) pilules,
    • Placenta 30 (or 40c) medicating potencyWP_20140513_017

For full details on my homeopathic services during pre conception, pregnancy, labour birth and the postpartum please see my homeopathy website.

To book placenta services please contact dublindoulas@gmail.com

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