Your amazing placenta.

Did you know that your placenta has a wide array of hormones, vitamins and minerals contained within it? Some examples of these include:
Oxytocin: Otherwise known as the love drug! Oxytocin is crucial in mother infant bonding amongst many other things including mood. By consuming placenta capsules a mother may top up her levels of oxytocin which in turn may aid her bonding with her newborn and may also help her avoid low mood states.
Progesterone, Oestrogen and Testosterone: All helpful in aiding the growth of mammary tissue for breastfeeding and also useful in helping regulate postnatal bleeding
Iron: The placenta is rich in iron and can contribute to relieving the symptoms of anaemia, such as tiredness and depression
Vitamins B6, C, D, E, K, B Complex, all help to boost the immune system.
Prolactin: This is the hormone which stimulates that production of human milk and helps promote mother baby bonding
Corticotrophin releasing hormone (CRH)This is in rich supply within the placenta and is associated with stress reduction. Some researchers believe that he baby blues at 3 days postpartum can be caused by a lack of CRH and oxytocin.

What do mothers say about placenta encapsulation?

Mothers who take their own placenta report that they have better mood, more energy, better milk supply, less sadness, less blood loss and faster healing. All mammals eat their own placenta even those mammals that are vegetarian. In some respects you could say that placenta capsules are like a gentle form of ready made, perfectly tailored hormone replacement therapy!

The reported benefits that we hear from mothers are:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved milk production
  • Less blood loss
  • Less hair loss
  • Improved mood

Placenta Encapsulation Service

Placenta encapsulation is the process whereby your placenta is dehydrated and then ground into a powder and then put into capsules for consumption. If you chose to have your placenta encapsulated:

  • I will collect your placenta from the hospital or home as soon as possible after the birth. The placenta will be made into capsules and sent via special delivery or hand delivered  back to your home address or hospital within a few days.
  • I will make capsules via the raw method or the TCM method, or half and half. Your preference will be discussed with you on booking.
  • I will give you a Free placenta print
  • I will give you a Free umbilical cord keepsake



Cost (ex collection and delivery) €225

Placenta encapsulation costs are less if part of a package. See here for more details

Placenta Tinctures

A placenta tincture is a tincture made of alcohol  in which a small piece of your placenta has been steeped. It can be used to make homoeopathic remedies. If stored in a cool dark place this placenta tincture should last throughout your lifetime and can be shared with your baby.

Placenta tincture is not recommended for continuous daily use, but for use in times of need.

Mothers report that placenta tincture may:

  • Help prevent or relieve postnatal depression
  • Eases symptoms of anxiety or stress
  • Ease emotional distress
  • Help balance hormones after birth
  • Help with balancing hormones during menstruation or menopause
  • Help ease or prevent hot flushes, palpitations and mood swings associated with hormone irregularities
  • Aid sleep or reduce insomnia

Placenta Tincture Service

I ill collect a small piece of your placenta after your birth and steep it in alcohol for approximately 6 weeks. When the remedy is ready I will deliver it to you or post it Please note that placenta tinctures can also be made from frozen placentas.

Most mothers who are having a placenta tincture made are also having a placenta encapsulated, but this is not necessary.


Cost  (ex collection and delivery) €80

Placenta Tinctures cost less if part of a package. See here for more details

Placenta Essence

“An essence is exactly that, it is the essence, the intrinsic nature, the soul, the fundamental quality of a particular person, place, or substance. The essence of your placenta holds a tremendous power to heal you and your child. An essence heals on an energetic or vibrational level, stimulating our vital force”

The Placenta Apothecary

Your placenta essence can be used by yourself, your child, siblings of the rest of the family during times of stress or illness. Your essence is your very own unique rescue remedy. You can use your placenta essence during times of hormonal imbalance, stress or anxiety, change or grief. Take a few drops when needed yourself, or a drop under the tongue or in water for a distressed child. Your essence is also a great rescue remedy for when your capsules run out.

Mothers report that placenta essence:

  • helps with the symptoms of the baby blues
  • helps with the symptoms of hormonal imbalance
  • helps with the symptoms of tress
  • helps with the feelings of emotional overload

Placenta Essence Service

  • I will collect a piece of your placenta to make the essence with.
  • I will make your Placenta Essence by steeping the placenta in water and then storing it in a mixture of water and alcohol for a short period of time.
  • I will send you or deliver to you two bottles; a mother essence  (100ml) and a dispensing bottle (10mls)  You will receive your essence within about a week
  • Most mothers who are having a placenta essence made are also having a placenta encapsulated. However, this is not a requirement.



Cost (ex collection and delivery) €60

Placenta Essences cost less if part of a package. See here for more details

Placenta Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are made from a variety of substances; these substances include human tissue. The classic placenta remedy was proved from a mother having a home birth in Wales. Whist remedy can be very useful therapeutically, having your own placenta remedy is something unique for both you and your baby. Placental remedies can help with the symptoms of anxiety, stress and emotional upheaval and tension. Many homeopaths believe that a remedy made from placenta is the paramount constitutional remedy for a baby and can be used at a variety of times when there is upheaval or stress or life changing events or rites of passage.

What do mothers say about homeopathic remedies made from placenta?

Mothers report that symptoms of teething, colic minor childhood illness and traumas respond well to the homoeopathic remedy made from placenta.

Placenta Remedy Service

  • I will come and collect a small amount of your placenta to make a mother tincture from. This process will take about 6 weeks.
  • I  will then succuss and dilute your mother tincture to make a 6c placenta remedy in pilules, powders and medicating potency
  • I wlll then continue with the succussions and dilutions to make a 30c or 40c (if you wish) placenta remedy in pilules, and medicating potency.
  • Please note that whilst you will receive a mother tincture it will be only 10mls or less, unlike the placenta tincture service which is 200mls.
  • With homeopathic pack ONE You will receive Placenta tincture,  Placenta 6c pilules and Placenta 6c medicating potency,
  • With homeopathic pack TWO You will receive Placenta tincture, Placenta 6c pilules Placenta 6c medicating potency,  Placenta 30 (or 40c) pilules, Placenta 30 (or 40c) medicating potency.
  • Other matrodonal remedies such as vernix, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, and human breastmilk  are also available.

 Cost (ex delivery and collection) starting at  €100*

*(may be more depending on remedies and quantities chosen)

Placenta Homeopathic remedies cost less if part of a package. See here for more details

Placenta Creams (only available with placenta tinctures)

Luxury creams can be used on stretch marks, wrinkles, and general skin care.

Mothers report that placenta cream may:

  • reduce the appearance of c birth scars
  • reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • reduce the appearance of aging wrinkles sun spots etc

Your first order of placenta cream will take about 6 weeks to arrive, but re orders are faster.

Placenta Balms (only available with placenta tinctures)

The balm is made from the finest pure pressed calendula oil and unscented pure beeswax.

Mothers report that placenta balm may help with:

  • the symptoms of cracked nipples
  • the symptoms of sunburn
  • the symptoms of perineal tears and episiotomies
  • the symptoms of haemorrhoids and general skin irritations

Placenta cream and balm service

I will collect a small piece of your placenta for the tincture (see above), and once the tincture is made I will use it to make the cream or balm for you. I will keep a small amount of tincture on file so that if you need more cream or balm  it can be made straight away.


Cost Balm €45 (ex delivery and collection)

Cost Cream €45 (ex delivery and collection)

Placenta Creams and Balms cost less if part of a package. See here for more details

To book your placenta encapsulation package please drop me an email at

I am fully accredited with the Irish Placenta Association and I have all the relevant health and safety certificates including Blood Borne Pathogens Training and Food and Hygiene Certification.