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Hello, I am Krysia Lynch, the original Dublin Doula, providing birth services in the Greater Dublin Area. I have been a doula and birth mentor since starting my training as a  Birthing From Within Mentor and Doula in 2003.

Since then I have worked with hundreds of couples; supporting them in preparing for birth, in labouring  and birthing, in breastfeeding and in parenting which makes me one of Dublin’s most experienced doulas.

I initiated the first doula and birth mentoring training course in Dublin in March 2003, as from the minute I heard Pam England, the founder of Birthing from Within speak on the radio in 2000, I knew that training as a doula was something that I very much wanted to do. I continued with my Birthing from Within training throughout 2003 and 2004 and have worked with many couples  since; mentoring them and helping them to achieve a birth in which they were focused on the present moment as it unfolded, and in which they were supported irrespective of what type of birth they may have  appeared to have had.BFW.logo.pink

Birth mentoring for me is about supporting couples to make their own way. It is not about trying to get people to have the kind of birth that I might think is a good idea. It is about supporting a family on a journey of self-discovery towards parenthood or a growing family. It is a very special time to be involved with a family and I count myself very lucky and honoured to be included in a family’s journey,

Along the way I have had tree children of my own, and in each of my births I found my BFW background enabled me to be fully present for the birth of my three children. It enabled me to find out about my self and to realise what my particular fears were and how to overcome them. It also enabled me to realise what my strengths were and how I could best use them not only in birth but beyond. In terms of coping with the sensations of labour; I can honestly say that Birthing From Within enabled me to just allow my labour to progress and not to get bogged down in the story that my thoughts wanted to create.KrysiaLynch (1)

Aside from my doula and birth mentoring training, I also trained as a La Leche League Leader and have been supporting and helping mothers in my local community to breastfeed since 2006. You can find out about our local la leche league breastfeeding support meetings here 

In 2006 I also finished my licentiate in homoeopathy so am a licensed registered homoeopath specialising in the area of pregnancy and birth. I offer all my clients homoeopathy support during pregnancy and labour and the post partum period. You can find out more about my homeopathy service here

Since 2007 I have worked in a voluntary capacity with AIMS Ireland, so I am extremely familiar with the Irish Maternity system and I know many midwives, lactation consultants, doctors and obstetricians that work within it. I have actively campaigned for an improved maternity service for women and encourage women to be fully informed of what their options and rights are whilst using our maternity services.

You can find more about AIMSI here www.aimsireland.ie

In 2015 I was asked by the Minister of Health Leo Varadkar to represent women and their families on the National Maternity Strategy Review. This review was published in January 2016. you can listen to me talking about it here on National Radio

In 2015 I was also asked to sit on the HIQA advisory panel for Standards in he Irish Maternity Services.

In 2017 I was asked to sit on the Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Strategy Committee for Ireland.

In 2019 I was asked to sit on the HIQA Board of the Maternity Care Experience Survey for Ireland

In 2021 I was asked to sit on the HIQA steering Committee Of the Maternity Bereavement Care Experience

In 2021 I was asked to sit on the new National Baby friendly guidelines and standards for Ireland. These are due to be published in May 2022

In 2020 I was asked to sit on the HSE committee for Standardization of the Postnatal Record.

I sit on many other national and regional maternity committees including the BFHI committee in the NMH , the Consumer forum in The Rotunda, The National Home Birth Steering Committee, The Baby Feeding Law Group and many others.

In 2012 I stared the Birth Know How doula training courses with midwife Bridget Sheeran, and then in 2019 I started teaching my five month Comprehensive Doula Training Course at the Elbow Room, In 2020 I moved this on line and for the last two years this has run as a mix of in-person and online live streamed training at Inisight Matters Dublin 1, and his is now one of Ireland’s most popular doula training programs. More information on Doula Training and registration is here.

In 2014 I completed my placenta encapsulation training with the Irish Placenta Association so now I am able to offer this service to my clients, along with bespoke homeopathic remedies tinctures and essences made from placenta. In 2015 I also completed my training as a 3 principles facilitator. This has enabled me to be aware of how our thought processes contribute to the way we feel about any given moment in time. An insight that has profound implications for helping women cope with the demands of labour and birth.

Before I became interested in birth I lectured in TCD and I have a PhD in Science! This gave me a firm scientific background on which to evaluate research in the maternity and birthing areas.  I still give occasional lectures in Trinity College Dublin and University College Dubbin to final year midwifery students on topics such as normal birth, supporting women in labour and the consumer and the maternity services. I also am a frequent conference speaker. In 2013 I spoke at the Home birth Symposium organised by the Community Midwives at the NMH, Holles St, and also at the International Human Rights in Childbirth Conference in Belgium. In 2015 I was invited by The Coombe Hospital to speak at the Essence of Midwifery Conference on What women want from their maternity care. In 2016 I spoke at the inaugural  Midwives for Choice conference and the inaugural Irish Midwives Association Conference on choice in our maternity services and the outcomes of the National Maternity Strategy. In 2017 I spoke at the INMO conference on Listening to Women. In 2018, I gave many speeches, radio podcasts and broadcasts on the issue of the 8th amendment and birthing rights.

I am a regular speaker at the La Leche League Conference of Ireland.  In 2009 I gave a workshop on initiating breastfeeding, in 2011 I spoke about the benefits of ,Laid Back Breastfeeding, in 2014 I spoke on how birth interventions can affect breastfeeding experiences and rates. In 2016 I spoke on the topic of  Nourishing yourself as a mother.

Just recently I created the Irish Doula Directory, with fellow doula Erin Darcy, so that more women could find doulas near them! If you don’t like the sound of me, you may be able to find another doula on that list that suits you better!

If you think that I might be a good fit for you and your family in your journey to birth then please contact me either by phone 0877543751 or by email dublindoulas@gmail.com

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