June 1992 PhD in Environmental Science and Health

March 2003 Level One training as a Birthing From Within Doula and Birth Mentor

October 2003 Level Two training as a Birthing From Within Doula and Birth Mentor

October 2004 Level Three training as a Birthing From Within Doula and Birth Mentor

March 2006 Accredited as a La Leche League Leader

May 2007 Accredited as a Licenced Homeopath with The Irish School of Homeopathy following a four year training program

May 2008 Postgraduate Diploma in Homeopathy with the Irish School of Homeopathy

May 2008 Accepted as a member of the Irish Society of Homeopaths following a two year CPD program

October 2013 Initiated the Birth Know How Doula training Program with Bridget Sheeran

June 2014 Accredited as a Placenta Encapsulation specialist with the Irish Placenta Association

June 2014 Accredited as a Three Principles Facilitator specialising in birth.

January 2015 Formed the Irish Doula Directory with Erin Darcy

February 2018 Attended weekend seminar with Gail Tully on Spinning Babies Techniques

February 2018 Accredited with The Yoga Alliance as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher

May 2018 Completed Aromatherapy for Birth Course

June 2018 Certified with Birthing From Within as a Childbirth Mentor and Doula

September 2018 Accredited with the Yoga Alliance as a Mother and Baby Yoga Teacher

September 2019: Initiated Ireland’s most comprehensive Doula Training Course accredited with Doula UK

September 2020: Accredited as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

2003 – 2020 Numerous study days, lectures, seminars and workshops on topics such as spinning babies, induction, acupressure, yoga, mindfulness, coping with loss, the power of language, communication and counselling skills, lactation facilitation, breastfeeding support, baby wearing, premature babies, twin pregnancies. the list is fairly endless!


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