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Due to popular demand, Liz Haliday of Private Midwives Ireland and myself are running a bijou birth couples preparation day on the 22nd February. This is an Antenatal preparation course with a difference. We will bring our expertise of attending many hundreds, if not thousands, of births in hospital and home in Ireland to enable you and your partner to be fully prepared for childbirth. in addition, unlike many other childbirth preparation course this course will only have a limited number of participants enabling you (and your partner if they are coming), to ask all the questions that you need and also to formulate a good set of birth preferences. The course will also focus on your needs and any questions you have.

We will cover amongst other things
❤️ Recognising that labour has started
❤️Early labour at home: positions, comfort measures, visualisations, breathing techniques, massage techniques
❤️ When to go into hospital
❤️ How to prepare a birth preferences sheet and how to ask for what you want and need in the day
❤️ Interventions and their benefits and risks
❤️ How to have a gentle c birth if that is the best course for you and your baby
❤️ How to prepare for an induction
❤️ How to prepare for coming home and the really days of parenting
❤️ Breastfeeding and safe infant feeding

Provisional Schedule:

10 am – 1115 am Physiology of labour and childbirth. What is your body doing during birth and what kind of support does it need?  What is your baby trying to do during labour and what support does he or she need?

1130 am – 1 pm Signs of labour Early labour at home. Pain coping techniques including breathing, visualisations  and practical physical support such as massage techniques. Deciding when to go to the hospital. Practical exercises.

1 pm – 145 pm Lunch

145 pm – 315 pm Interventions benefits and risks, C birth and how to plan for a great c birth if it becomes necessary. Devising your birth preferences

330 pm – 5 pm Asking for what you need. Your rights during labour and birth. Informed consent and informed refusal. Policies and research. Coping with going over dates and an induction. Preparing for life with your new baby. Referrals and support networks.


Insight Matters 106 Capel St, Dublin 1.

For more details and to book contact Krysia hello@krysia.ie or call 0877543751. Places limited to a very small number of participants. Cost €199 per couple.

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