Courses in  2022/23

I offer a variety of courses throughout the year following five main themes. To book current classes follow the links.

Theme 1:  Pregnancy and birth.

Online group Childbirth Preparation Classes

Online private Childbirth Preparation Classes

In person Childbirth Preparation Classes – First time parents

In person Childbirth Preparation Classes – Preparing to have a successful VBAC

In person Childbirth Preparation Classes – Birthing Again

Theme 2: Doula Training

Comprehensive birth and postnatal doula training

Postnatal doula training

Understanding and working within the Irish Maternity System

Advanced Doula Training – Using Homeopathy for Doulas and Midwives

Lactation Training for Doulas and Birthworkers

Theme 3: Breastfeeding

Preparing to breastfeeding your new baby.

Theme 4: Homoeopathy

Homeopathy to support pregnancy,

Homeopathy to support labour and birth,

Homeopathy to support the postpartum period ,

Homeopathy to support breastfeeding,

Homeopathy to ease symptoms of common children’s ailments,

First aid homeopathy for the whole family

Theme 5: Parenting

Living in joy and wellness.

Early parenting – being prepared.

Stress free parenting.

Nourishing yourself, nourishing your parenting.

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