Homeopathy for Doulas and Birth Workers

Do you work with pregnant women and birthing people?

Would you like to add to your labour and birth toolkit?

Would you like to improve your skill base?

Would you like to enable mothers and babies feel more supported in a gentle way?

If so, then this course is for you!

Dates and delivery

This course will be delivered in person at Insight Matters Dublin 1, live streamed on zoom and available by playback. Course date is 19th May 2024 10 am – 4pm

How can homeopathy help doula work?

I. Homeopathy can help you support your clients with emotional symptoms that often arise in early labour such as nervousness, apprehension and overwhelm.

2. Homeopathy can help you ease physical symptoms that are slowing a labour down

3. Homeopathy can be used in early and active labour, at home or in hospital.

4. Homeopathy is particularly helpful for supporting the many symptoms associated with new motherhood.

5. Homeopathy can help ease the discomfort of symptoms when breastfeeding becomes difficult or painful.

6. Homeopathy helps you support mothers planning a normal birth without interventions, a birth with pharmacological pain relief and a caesarean birth.

Using homeopathy to support doula work

Homeopathy helps with the many emotional symptoms of labour, such as anxiety, fear and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

These symptoms arise irrespective of what type of birth people are planning and can often arise even with established childbirth preparation techniques.

Homeopathy enables clients to feel more balanced and therefore optimises their focus and use of other supports such as visualisations and breathing. If you know how to use it effectively it can add an extra string to your doula bow.

Homeopathy also works effectively with physical symptoms, it can ease the symptoms of exhaustion and the symptoms of a slow labour or a mother that is “holding back”.

In the postpartum period homeopathy helps to support the experience of giving birth. It helps to rebalance the symptoms of hormonal fluctuation as well as working well to support the emotional symptoms mothers experience.

This course is primarily geared towards doulas and birth workers, but pregnant people are also welcome to attend.

Why I love homeopathy

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I first came into contact with homeopathy when I was in the birth pool having a long labour with my first child. My midwife offered me a remedy and tried it and my labour took a different direction. Later on when my son had colicky symptoms my midwife again turned to homeopathy and I noticed his discomfort easing. From that moment on I endeavoured to find out more about it and a year later I was on a four year course training to become a professional licensed homeopath. Twenty years later as a doula, I have supported hundreds of people in labour and probably thousands of new mothers in the postpartum with homeopathy. I cant imagine being a doula without its support. In this training I offer you the benefit of my 20 years of experience and wisdom of both doula work and homeopathic prescribing! I genuinely believe this is a completely unique course and offers incredible insights for anyone looking to take their doula skills to the next level.

What will you learn?

At the end of the course you will have a basic idea of how homeopathy supports people during this intense time of transition and also what remedies match which symptoms.

You will also have an idea of how to use a basic homeopathic birth kit, what doses and strengths of remedies are appropriate in which circumstances, how remedies can be taken and we will talk a bit about creating your own bespoke birth and postpartum kit.

Course outline

The course will look at the main homeopathic remedies that are helpful in labour birth and the postpartum and will include the following topics and much more:

Homeopathy and symptoms during labour:

  1. Supporting clients who feel labour is progressing too quickly
  2. Supporting clients when labour feels it has gone on for a long time and clients feel exhausted
  3. Supporting clients when they feel anxious or frightened
  4. Supporting clients when they feel overwhelmed or distressed
  5. Supporting clients have the symptoms of a back labour

Homeopathy and postnatal support:

  1. Supporting clients with the symptoms of bruising and soft tissue stress after birth
  2. Supporting clients with post birth symptoms of tears, grazes, cuts and scars
  3. Supporting clients who have the symptoms of mastitis
  4. Supporting clients who are experiencing symptoms of overwhelm
  5. Supporting clients in processing their birth experiences

Special circumstances:

We will also look at supporting clients who have experienced loss.

How to effectively use homeopathic remedies:

We will look at potency (how strong should a remedy be), dosage (how should it be given) and repeats (how often should it be repeated within a certain time span). These issues are the key to effective prescribing and require skill and confidence.

Online support tool

As part of the course you will have access to an online support tool so participants will be able to refer to this to refresh their memories after the course is over!

Manual and Remedy Guide

You will receive a manual and also a remedy differentiation guide.

Homeopathic Remedies

You will receive two therapeutic homeopathic remedies helpful in supporting people during their labour and postpartum journey


All sessions are recorded and you will be able to review these at your leisure.

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