I have been providing mothers to be with mother blessing ceremonies for the last ten years. Mother blessings are a lovely way to connect with the strength and the love that surrounds you when you are pregnant and about to give birth.

Unlike a traditional baby shower they can be an intensely profound experience for the mother and also for the other women attending. Mother blessings provide your supporters an opportunity to bring actual blessings, support tools, favourite little gifts, anecdotes and stories foryou to take on your journey with you. It also offers a formal opportunity foryour firends to declare heir support for you and to state what they will be doing to energetically support you when you go into labour.

Some mother blessings start with hand binding where all the participants will tie a red yarn around their wrist to signify their connection to the mother and they will not remove it until the baby is born. Others start with a circle and a lighting of candles that each participant will also light on the day of the labour to recreate te circle of light and support.

There are so many options for a mother blessing its hard to list them all but here are a few

  • belly painting in which all the participants paint a small part of the bump!
  • candle lighting
  • bracelet making where each of the participants bring a bead with a meaning to the blessing
  • bringing of affirmations
  • massage
  • bringing of blessings
  • bringing of a comofort or support measure to use in labour

If you would like to have a mother blessing its best to call me to talk through what your preferences are

Mother blessing ceremonies start at €150