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Pregnancy Yoga online

Pregnancy yoga is a great way to prepare for birth irrespective of what type of birth you are planning or might have. It enables you to maintain flexibility, suppleness relaxation and stamina, all combining to making your pregnancy easier and your labour calmer.

Pregnancy yoga : Breathing

The one thing that you can guarantee throughout pregnancy labour and birth (by whatever means) is that you will be breathing! I have worked with thousands of women over the last 15 years as a birth mentor antenatal teacher advocate and doula and women who are able to work with their breathing and use it to support them in pregnancy and labour do better than those who cannot.

Learning techniques to help you use your breath to fee calmer, less anxious and more able to be in the moment is an asset to any pregnant person. Pregnancy yoga can enable you to do this through regular practice.

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Stretching and keeping flexible in pregnancy


Course Fee €120

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Pregnancy yoga : Flexibility

Pregnancy yoga also offers you an opportunity to stay physically supple and fit in a very safe way. Throughout pregnancy your body shape, hormonal balance heart and lung function changes and pregnancy yoga can help your body adapt and acclimatise to your new physiology and help your body stay healthy and well both during your pregnancy. For some women pregnancy brings unexpected aches and pains from time to time and again pregnancy yoga helps you to be aware of these and adapt healthy safe responses.

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Building stamina and balance safely during pregnancy

Course Fee €120 

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Pregnancy yoga : Stamina

Labour makes many demands on your body so being prepared to deal with the physical intensity is important. Pregnancy yoga enables you to test your stamina safety and offers you the opportunity to gradually improve your stamina as time goes on. It also offers ideas on how to deeply engage with labour and how to move and use your body so that labour is more comfortable and manageable. For women planning an epidural we also look at coping techniques for before you go to the hospital and also good positions to adopt when your epidural has taken effect.

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Relaxing with yoga


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Pregnancy yoga : Relaxation

Pregnancy, can be an anxious time for many people. It is a time of making many decisions, sometimes for the first time and also its can be a time when we are faced with the unknown. Waiting for the results of tests and meeting healthcare providers for the first time all take their toll. Many mothers also find sleep can be a challenge during pregnancy, so coming to a pregnancy yoga class can offer techniques to help you deeply relax and hopefully sleep better. If this is not your first baby then finding time for yourself in a pregnancy yoga class might be a haven of peace in a busy life with other small children.

Whether you are planning to go through labour, or planning a c birth its important to know how to relax your body. Contractions are not easy to deal with but women who are well prepared in what to expect and who practise relaxation techniques regularly become accustomed to using breathing and visualisation techniques to relax their bodies. C births are also hard work. They can be challenging in a different way. It is important to be able to relaxed and calm in the run up to entering theatre and also in recovery afterwards.

Sometimes the birth we hoped for and planned for doesn’t quite go the way we expected, so having relaxation techniques to draw on that help us cope with the unexpected can be helpful.


Course Fee €120 

What you get?

  1. 1 hour 45 minutes live streamed pregnancy yoga each week
  2. Information on advocacy, birth preparation, birth positions, breathing and birth preparation each week from Ireland’s most experienced doula and doula trainer – consider it group doula support!
  3. Playback of each  session to watch and repeat at your own leisure. If you miss a class – no need to worry! 
  4. Membership of small peer support group
  5. Tips and information about labour, birth preparation and the Irish Maternity Service  throughout your membership
  6. Hand out on holistic preparation for labour and birth

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Online Pregnancy Yoga with Krysia Lynch

Why should you take your online pregnancy yoga classes with me? What do I offer that is different to other teachers?

1. I have studied and practised yoga and many other holistic body work for nearly 30 years

2. I have been teaching body work to women for about 20 years so I am an experienced teacher and I am a professionally trained facilitator as well as a specifically trained pregnancy yoga teacher (100 hours course)

4. I am probably Ireland’s most experienced doula having worked with women in pregnancy labour and birth  since 2003. I regularly personally attend hospital settings with women and so I know the inside outs of what women face in both planned c births and also labour.

5. I am a trained and accredited  antenatal teacher with Birthing From Within since 2003 and I have attended many CPD courses in supporting women to be prepared for their birth experience

6. I am a licenced registered homeopath (4 years training and 2 years CPD)  specialising in pregnancy and birth and so I have an intimate understanding of anatomy and physiology and how your body changes throughout pregnancy and labour

7. I am a birth advocate and I have represented pregnant women in every aspect of maternity care planning in Ireland. I sit on committees in all the three Dublin maternity hospitals and also on the National Home Birth Committee. There is not much that goes on in birth in Ireland that I don’t know about or am involved in.

8. I have been a breastfeeding counsellor since 2006 and have supported many thousands of women in their breastfeeding journey. I am also an IBCLC and have my own holistic breastfeeding support practice.

9. The last 20 years of my life has been dedicated to ensuring that women birthing in Dublin have the best experience possible.

10. We are going to have lots of fun!

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Yoga Classes


Course Fee €120 

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What mothers say: Claire McGowan



Online Prenatal Yoga with Krysia Lynch: Class Schedule Sunday 1030 am – 1215 pm. 




Each class is limited in numbers and includes membership of a small online support group where I post up tips and useful information in-between classes.

Classes are €120 for a six week course, membership of an online support group, playbacks of all the classes and a preparation for birth manual and you can start anytime. 

All online  classes are small in number to ensure that everyone gets individual attention and enough time to discuss their needs at the start of each class.

Every class includes information and tips for birth preparation

In addition, each class is recorded for the duration of the course so you can watch them on playback. 


Course Fee €120 

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If you’d like to find out more, drop me a line at drkrysia@gmail.com

Private Classes:  One to one private ONLINE OR IN PERSON antenatal yoga sessions available €150 per session includes information and support with birth choices and birthing positions. Email to find out more about this option. 

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