All about Caesarean Birth

In this episode I start my journey with C birth. Not a lot of people know this but I was born by C birth! That makes me the ONLY person in my entire family line that was born by C birth and in fact was born in hospital. My mum and my dad and all my children were born at home. It’s a heavy burden to carry!

Like many people, my mother didn’t plan a C birth but she was told during her labour that one was necessary and it was an “emergency” and “necessary now”. It’s hard to piece together exactly why and what happened, as my mum had me in London and English was not her first language. I think that I was possibly sitting breech or in an awkward position and I didn’t turn in labour. My mother had a spontaneous start to labour with me and certainly broke all the rules when I was born by breastfeeding me on demand (long term), and insisting that I not be taken away after I was born, but she always spoke of that time with a mix of sadness, hurt and joy, and I am convinced that she suffered emotionally and mentally with many unanswered questions as to how and why her first childbirth experience evolved in that way.

So that’s enough about my C birth credentials. Let’s dive in and look at how and why c births come about, what the rates are like, what the risks and benefits are and how we can have the best c birth possible if one becomes inevitable.

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