Forced C Section in Ireland
Yesterday a judge in Ireland ruled that a  woman who lacked capacity because she had a delusional disorder; a vulnerable person,  could be forcefully sedated and have a forced c section against her will under General Anesthesia and would include intubation and a recovery in the ICU. The judge noted there was currently no risk to her life.
The court reportage cited lack of attendance at antenatal appointments, sexual abuse, refusal to adhere to standard monitoring procedures and admitted consumption of cocaine and alcohol at some point in her pregnancy as justificatory arguments.
There was no discussion of her social care team or advocacy or of her being represented at court.
A list of the  “potential risks” associated with natural birth were also given as part of the justification. The risks associated with c section under GA were acknowledged but deemed to be lesser.
The article is here:
I found this shocking for many reasons. Primarily because this judgement sets a precedent in post Repeal Ireland. To find out more list in.
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