Giving birth for the first time in Ireland

“I d like to have as natural a birth as possible”. This is how many pregnant first time mothers start their conversation with me.

Then they go on to tell me that they are booked into a care pathway that has FTP induction rates of over 45% and similar FTP cesarean rates.

More than likely they are booked in semi private because they have some health insurance or because their GP suggested it.

It’s hard to secure a physiological birth under these circumstances. Very hard. Because you are working against a system that is not designed to support physiological birth.

If you are planning not to have an induction (including the stress of “persuasion”), AROM, frequent vaginal exams, syntocinon augmentation, electronic fetal monitoring, a vacuum or forceps delivery, epidural, episiotomy or coached pushing, you REALLY NEED TO THINK about considering a home birth.

End of.

If you are eligible, you should be doing everything to secure a midwife. That’s your job.

If you can’t find a HB provider then investigate a midwifery led option.

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