Making a Postnatal Plan Part 1

This Podcast Episode is part 1 of two podcasts focusing on making a postnatal plan and was originally recorded as an Insta Live Episode on January 5th 2023.

Your postnatal plan is as important as your birthing plan or preferences, if not more so!

Your plan needs to focus on yourself, your baby and your other family members and cover issues such as your physical, emotional and mental well being after giving birth to a new human being.

You need to think about nourishment physically and otherwise and about preparing to spend a reasonable amount of one on one time with your baby. How do you feel about that and what support might you need? An important one might be a postnatal doula.

You need to consider tiredness and how to maximise rest and sleep for yourself and the other members of your family, and also strategies for night time parenting,

For your baby you need to think about sleeping arrangements, carrying arrangements and also perhaps most importantly feeding. Listen in to find out how you might make sense of all of these issues to have a happy and easy postnatal babymoon.

If you are drawn to support people in the postnatal period then maybe working as a postnatal doula is for you. My postnatal doula training course starts on March 11th and continues on the 25th and 25th March 2023.

This course will be offered in person at Insight Matters Dublin, with an option to view live by zoom also which is great for folks living outside of Dublin. It will also be fully recorded to view by playback, which is helpful if you need to miss a session.

For more information see here

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