Planning to give birth after a previous caesarean section
In this episode of the Doula Verse I look at the thoughts feeling and options when we have had a previous c section and then find ourselves pregnant again. It can be a tricky time and support is needed from the start to enable people to follow their hearts and make the best decision for them.
Listen in to discover your options and what to do to find the best caregiver and experience for you on this pregnancy and birth.
Safety is a key issue for parents and caregivers. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recently stated that VBAC was safer than repeat c section for most women.
In Ireland when considering VBAC people just get told about the risk of uterine rupture. Unsurprisingly, our rates of VBAC have dropped from around 50% in the 1990s to 27% now.
The risk of uterine rupture are extremely low, much lower than the chance of bleeding with a c section or getting placenta accretia on a subsequent pregnancy having blood clots or having a  baby with respiratory issues following c section.
Rate of uterine rupture for first VBAC 0.22 % for second VBAC 0.11%, for third VBAC 0.06%
The rate of uterine rupture having never had a prior c section is  0.02%
The rate of rupture of VBAC after TWO previous c sections (VBA2C) is1.16%
Success rates of VBAC are the same after one previous section as after two (71%)
Don’t be fear mongered by those trying to manoeuvre you into a repeat c section. Be informed. Then make a decision from your heart. The biggest concern most people face is what if it’s another c section? What if I have “failed” at “trial” of labour? What does this say about me? These are normal concerns, but a supportive team, usually including a doula will help you overcome them and focus on your strengths and courage.
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