Podcast Series 2 Episode 9 - Do I need an epidural if I get an induction?

Do I need an epidural if I get an induction? I often get asked this question. The short answer is no. The majority of my doula clients do not take an epidural if they opt for an induction, or if their labour is being augmented..

The longer answer has a lot more nuance.

It depends on what kind of induction you are getting and how favourable or ready you and your baby are. It also depends on what kind of support you have what pain coping strategies you have invested in, and the belief those around you have in your capacity to manage without an epidural.

In a busy labour ward, if the epidural is the only support offered, you are probably going to end up taking it. If on the other hand you have a doula or a highly supportive hands-on midwife who has the time trust and desire to support you with other pain relief measures you are probably not going to end up needing it.

In the case of an augmented labour, it also depends on how long you have been in labour already. Sometimes an epidural can be helpful in relaxing the soft tissues or in giving a mother a rest in a labour that had a long early or prodromal phase of labour.

Also, once syntocinon is started, many inductions can be quite quick, even for first time mothers. So evaluate all these things. Induction doesn’t automatically mean epidural.

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