Special Announcement Podcast - Lets get Ireland Breastfeeding

My Breastfeeding Training is coming up on the 20th and 21st May 2023 at Insight Matters in Capel St in the heart of Dublin. To find out more head over to Breastfeeding Training for Doulas Midwives and Complementary Therapists

If you haven’t signed up yet, then the time is now! If you have been sitting on the fence then the time is now! This training will not be repeated this year and is a must for all people who are working with postnatal mothers but who have had no formal breastfeeding training, or limited breastfeeding training.

There are just two spots left!

Here are six things this training will enable you to do
1. Feel confident in supporting your breastfeeding clients
2. Understand and know how to respond to common breastfeeding questions
3. Have a range of tools to prepare your clients for breastfeeding
4. Understand the importance of the baby and giving the baby autonomy in successful breastfeeding
5. Gain a holistic view and perception of breastfeeding as a process of biological value to mother and baby in addition to the nutritive properties in breastmilk
6. Know when and where to refer your clients for more support
And this training doesn’t stop at those six! Lots more beyond that!
Looking forward so much to giving this training and also to meeting you

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