The end of Private Obstetric Care in Ireland?

Cabinet announced at the end of December that Consultant Contracts going forwards would not able consultants to take private patients within Public Hospitals. Currently, there are many Private hospitals in the State that cater to private patients and offer a space where private consultations with a specialist can take place. The one area of medicine in which that cannot happen is maternity care as there is no fully fledged private maternity hospital in the land since Mount Carmel closed their doors in 2014.

An end to contracts in the maternity sector would effectively mean the phasing out of Private Maternity Care; an option that some 20 – 30% of pregnant people avail of each year.

Why is Private maternity Care so popular? How has this situation come about?

What aspects of private maternity care attract people to it? Are these expectations founded? What other models could ensure similar experiences in the public sector?

How can we educate people into unravelling years of cultural beliefs surrounding maternity care?

Listen to find out!

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