The first days after giving birth

What happens after you have a baby in those first hours days and weeks?

This podcast was originally recorded as an Insta Live on January 4th 2003 and in it I talk about those first hours in hospital; who takes care of you, what happens and what procedures and interventions you might be offered. Then those first days in hospital how and from whom you get your care and what you are entitled to, and then those first days and weeks at home.

For people having given birth at home I talk about how that continuum develops and how your care transitions from midwife to PHN and GP

If you feel called to work with new parents in those early days and weeks of the postnatal period then maybe my postnatal doula training is for you?

Registrations close on 6th March  2023 and the two part payment plan ends on 11th February 2023.

Course takes place 11th March 2023 10 am – 5pm
25th – 26th March 2022 10am — 5pm

This course will be offered in person at Insight Matters Dublin, with an option to view live by zoom also which is great for folks living outside of Dublin. It will also be fully recorded to view by playback, which is helpful if you need to miss as session.

To book and for more info see here

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