What is the postnatal period?
It is 42 days following a live birth, a loss an abortion, an ectopic pregnancy or a stillbirth. However, most people find that it lasts a lot longer than 6 weeks. In fact some people find themselves still in the “postnatal” when expecting another baby!

What happens?
Our bodies, minds, emotions and more change. And it’s hard! We change because we are healing from one of the most profound experiences we can have. If there is a baby, then we have the responsibility of a newborn in addition to our own journey. What support do we need and how can postnatal doulas help? Listen to find out.

If you are drawn to supporting others in the postnatal period, then maybe my postnatal doula training is for you. Bookings close on 6th March 2023.

The training runs over three days and modules include:
The postpartum body
The new baby
Feeding support
Sleep solutions
New baby rhythms
Postnatal exercises
Listening to the birth story and validating experiences
Nourishing the new mother.

11th March 2023 10 am – 5pm
25th – 26th March 2022 10am — 5pm

This course will be offered in person at Insight Matters Dublin, with an option to view live by zoom also which is great for folks living outside of Dublin. It will also be fully recorded to view by playback, which is helpful if you need to miss as session.

Find out more here: Become a Postnatal Doula