What is a pregnancy retreat?

Why am I running a pregnancy retreat?

I feel that pregnant women and people need to be nourished during their pregnancy, not just informed. Preparation via nourishment is a very different concept to preparation through the dissemination of information. Nourishment for body, mind and soul is in short supply in the Irish Maternity Services. What we have instead is the treatment of birth as a clinically managed event in a woman’s fertility and life cycle. The focus is on safety risk and avoiding legal proceedings. Sometimes the woman as a holistic being seems lost along the way.

If we want to prepare, and I mean really prepare for labour and birth as the life changing event it really can be, we can only ever prepare from the inside, and that means laying solid foundations of connection, strength and understanding our coping skills, as well as understanding how our particular bodies are going to cope and how we can support ourselves. Learning birth positions and all about interventions isn’t enough to prepare us.

If you are pregnant and want to join me on this retreat then see link in bio or follow the link

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This episode was originally recorded as an INSTA live in January 2024