“Krysia was my birth mentor for my first longed for baby. She came to our home six times before I went into labour to share her wisdom on birth and on coping with labour. I visualised how my birth would be and felt very prepared. Due to a complication I ended up having a caesarean birth. None the less, Krysia continued to support me and equally as important, to support my husband. I breastfed my little one for an extended period of time thanks to her tireless support. I am sure this would not have happened if I had not been so supported”

Jane Booterstown

“Krysia was my birth mentor for my second baby. I had waited some time to finally get pregnant and so knew that I wanted lots of support as I had had a difficult experience on my first baby. We met six times formally before my official due date, but then as I went so over and over and over, Krysia was constantly available to discuss my options with me. At one point I called her from the hospital as I was being prepared for a planned caesarean. After talking with Krysia I realised that I didn’t have to succumb to anything that i did n’t feel comfortable with. I asked the doctor what my options were and she told me that I could of course wait some more if I wanted and see if my labour would start on its own. I eventually went into labour naturally and it made all the difference in the world to me. After my baby was born Krysia visited me frequently in the hospital to help with breastfeeding. I was very lucky to be so supported.”

Stacy, Dundrum

“Krysia was my birth mentor for my first baby. She came out four times before the birth to our home and did birthing from within classes with us. It was fantastic as it meant I didnt have to travel to a big class and all my questions were answered on a one to one basis. She also tailored all her antenatal classes to suit us. One that Krysia suggested though was that we go to the hospital antenatal classes too so that we could get a picture of how they expected labour and birth to progress and so that we would know what their policies were. This was actually very useful! At one point I had doubts about my care provider and Krysia told me I could change provider. I did, and it changed the course of my births. I had a lovely un medicated natural birth with the Community Midwives in the NMH and went on to have two home births.”

Helen, Blackrock

“Krysia was my doula for my third baby. I had hoped to have my baby at home but was not able to in the end and had to transfer to hospital care. Krysia was so understanding and supportive  of my disappointment. She visited me whenever she was passing my home and gave me a lot of contacts in the hospital so that I could prepare myself for a different birth to what I had expected. I went over dates and Krysia was very helpful with homeopathic support and information. I gave birth within ten minutes of arriving at the hospital and Krysia created a lovely homebirth environment in the hospital room for me. She had a lovely rapport with the midwives and I think this made everything feel very easy and comfortable. Her homeopathic care was second to none and I felt the wellest I had ever done in the weeks afterwards. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Isobel, Tallaght