Would you like to become a doula?

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Are you drawn to the amazing process of giving birth?

Have you an interest in supporting people?

Are you an advocate?

Would you like to enable people to recognise their true potential in one of the most transformative processes we as human beings can go through?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then maybe doula training is for you?

People who are drawn to becoming a doula include

  • Pregnancy yoga teachers
  • Antenatal educators
  • Complementary health worker
  • Mainstream health worker
  • Lactation Consultants 
  • Maternity advocates
  • People working with marginalised communities
  • Social workers
  • and anyone who wants to support mothers and babies



Why do your Doula Training with me?

This course draws on my extensive experience working as a doula in Dublin since 2003, on my knowledge as a researcher and antenatal teacher and my in-depth understanding of the  maternity care services in Ireland as one of its leading advocates and doula trainers. In addition, I bring my IBCLC expertise and my experience of supporting thousands of families in the postnatal period.

My experience, my training and my expertise combined means I truly believe that this is the best and most comprehensive doula course available in Ireland today

In addition to being an established doula I also have a huge background in education and research. I was an Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin prior to having my first child and so am very familiar with designing and evaluating high quality course and learning materials



Will I be able to work as a doula after the course?

Yes. This is a blended course of both in-person and online teaching,  preparing you fully to work within the Irish Maternity Care setting, both with and without covid restrictions; in hospital and in home birth settings. All trainings will be fully recorded.



What will I learn?

Here are some of the modules you will receive and discover in our training program:


  • Maternity systems and models of care available in Ireland
  • Birth Preferences.
  • The process of pregnancy labour birth and the postpartum
  • The endocrine system, the muscular system the respiratory system and the skeletal system during pregnancy labour and birth.
  • Stages of Labour and Positions of the baby during pregnancy labour and birth.
  • Common antenatal and intrapartum interventions and tests
  • Maternity and human rights, informed consent and informed refusal



  • Caesarean Birth 
  • Due dates 
  • Induction
  • Communication skills
  • Trauma informed language
  • Understanding diversity
  • Understanding trauma
  • Honouring the sacred in birth



  • Finding your clients and antenatal appointments
  • Client contracts, boundaries and payments
  • Preparing you clients physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Debriefing previous birth experiences
  • Pain Coping Strategies


  • Hands on doula support in all stages of labour and childbirth
  • Early labour at home
  • Active labour at home and in hospital
  • Supporting your client physically emotionally and mentally during labour and birth
  • Preparing a toolbox of support for labour and birth including homeopathy, rebozo work, positions, movement, aromatherapy
  • Engaging with medical staff and understanding the boundaries of the scope of your practice
  • Induction preparing for a medical induction, alternative methods of induction.
  • Supporting VBAC
  • Supporting clients with Twins
  • Supporting caesarean birth



  • Postnatal care and support just after birth
  • Care and support at home with a new baby
  • Sleep, baby wearing and carrying, breastfeeding, birth reflections
  • Supporting a babymoon
  • The normal newborn
  • Perinatal mental health
  • Supporting loss
  • Your doula business.



This course is recognised by The Doula Association of Ireland for membership of the DAI



Please note that there are very limited spaces on this course if all of it, or some of it is permitted to run in-person.

Number of in-person spaces based on current restrictions: 1

Number of online places: 1

Note: Should Covid restrictions be re-introduced all in-person places will be transferred online.

Note: Should Covid restrictions be removed or reduced prior to October 23rd when the course starts, online places will have an option to move to in-person spaces on a first come first served basis.

Training Dates:

October 23rd & 24th 2021

November 20th & 21st 2021

December 11th & 12th 2021

January 15th & 16th 2022

February 12th & 13th 2022






Prenatal and postnatal anatomy

An additional two hours on the physiology of pregnancy with the fantastic Melissa from TummyLove. Melissa is going to offer a detailed look at the physiology of the pregnant person’s respiratory, muscular, digestive, endocrine and skeletal system. Everything you need to know to support a healthy physical body during pregnancy and birth and enabling you to understand how the body changes during pregnancy labour and birth. This is especially useful for helping with positions of baby during early and active labour.  Melissia is also offering a second bonus looking at the postnatal body and the new baby. These trainings with Melissa is usually worth €300.

Contact me to book your slot or to talk through any questions you have. Happy to chat through any queries, just drop me a line!





My aim is to give this course in person as well as streaming it online, but with the uncertainty of the current lockdown situation in Ireland, it is hard to know exactly which parts will be in person and which parts on line. Participants may choose to take the course entirely online or in person, or a mixture of both.  I will be offering the in-person part of this course at Insight Matters 106 Capel St Dublin 1



Option 1: Standard Payment

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Option 2: Six Month Payment Plan 

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Sold Out?

My last course sold out well before the course started. There are very limited places on this training, so if this is the path for you; grab all the bonuses and book now!



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Terms and Conditions:

Course Progression: It is anticipated that at least 50% of this course will run in person. Depending on the situation with Covid 19, some of the sessions may have to move on line. If this is the case we may have to have extra sessions to accommodate the content. You will be advised of this should it be the case.

Refunds: A full refund will be provided until three months before the course starts should you wish to cancel your booking. After this a 50% refund will be offered until two months before the course starts should you wish to cancel your booking and a 25% refund until a month before the course starts. No refunds are offered after this date.
Cancellation: If the course is cancelled  you will receive a full refund.



What my previous students say

“Krysia is an amazing Doula. She became my mentor and teacher when I joined her doula course last year. Her course taught me so much about the birthing process, the anatomy of the birthing person and the Irish maternity system. Above all she showed me how to be a great doula with a successful business and how to believe in myself. Krysia has an abundance of knowledge and skills that she shares so generously. She is a very skilled instructor but also kind insightful and supportive. I cannot recommend her highly enough as a tutor, mentor and instructor.
I would highly recommend anyone who is drawn to supporting people in pregnancy labour and birth do Krysia’s Doula Training Course. Not only will they get the best learning experience but they will be thoroughly supported in their doula journey.” Jenny Woods @jen.clabbywoos You can watch Jenny and myself chatting here 
I had the pleasure of participating in Krysia’s doula training in 2019. I took part in the course throughout my 3rd pregnancy and can say that I thought it was the most important gift I’ve ever given myself. 
The care, compassion, and community created for the duration of the course (and beyond) were and are so empowering and uplifting, it was the perfect way to embark on a new departure in becoming a doula. 
 Krysia as a tutor created such a supportive, fun, energetic and sharing space that the days went by so quickly and it felt at times we would burst with knowledge and excitement. 
Under Krysia’s mind blowing diversity of knowledge, we each helped to create the kind of doula we wanted to be for our clients.
We finished the course 18 months ago now, and we have a thriving communication still going in which we help to support each other, share successes and ask questions and Krysia is still there supporting and mentoring us. If you are considering joining the next doula training with Krysia, stop thinking and just do it – you really won’t regret it. Enjoy!
Some of the amazing doulas that I had the pleasure of training in 2019