Birth Postnatal and Antenatal Doula Services in Dublin

I offer a broad spectrum of doula services in Dublin Ireland, ranging from early pregnancy doula support to postnatal support. Early pregnancy support is for those parents who need support in the early stages of finding our they are pregnant or who have special concerns in the early stages of pregnancy. Later antenatal doula support offers support in making birth preferences and in antenatal birth mentoring for both you and your family as well as celebrating pregnancy through services such as mother blessings.

What makes my birth doula service different from other doulas?

1. Experience: I have 17 years experience of preparing parents for childbirth, and working as a doula in Ireland. I have worked with over 98 couples and have attended births at all of the Dublin maternity hospitals and also many home births

2. Evidence: I am a researcher by training (with a Masters and a PhD) and am an expert on maternity care policies in Ireland having worked on the formulation of national policies and strategies including in the Oireachtas, at HIQA and at the Department of Health and Children. I regularly lecture in TCD and UCD to Undergratuate Midwifery students and also to Masters Courses in Midwifery. I make regular presentations at national and international birth conferences on maternity care policy and research in Ireland. I Chair the National Service User Advocacy Forum that advise the HSE on what women girls and pregnant people need in our Maternity Services and I currently (2020 -2021) sit on the Board of the National Maternity Experience Survey. I was the service user representative on the  National Steering Group of the National Maternity Strategy which was published in 2016

3. Antenatal preparation: I am a trained certified accredited antenatal teacher and  doula with Birthing From Within and have been working with couples since 2003.

4. Breastfeeding: I have been a breastfeeding counsellor for 15 years and have supported many thousands of families in their breastfeeding journey. I am a frequent public speaker on breastfeeding both in the media and at conferences. I sit on the breastfeeding committee in the National Maternity Hospital and I am also an adviser on to the National Breastfeeding Coordinator on what all mothers need postpartum; whether breastfeeding or not. I am a member of the Association of Lactation Consultants of Ireland.

5. Complimentary medicine: I am a licensed registered homeopath and offer immediate homeopathic care and all remedies during your labour and afterwards

6. Photography: I offer a birth photography service

7. Placenta Encapsulation: I am an accredited placenta encapsulator with the Irish Placenta Association since 2014 and offer a wide range of placenta remedies.

8. Advocacy/ I work with a variety of charities to advocate for improved maternity care in Ireland and I know how to make sure your voice is heard both before during and after you give birth. All my advocacy work is given on a voluntary basis. I volunteer with AIMS Ireland, La Leche League, The Home Birth Association The Baby Feeding Law Group, The Irish Doula Directory amongst others.

9. I am a doula trainer. I have been training doulas in Ireland since 2014 and so am aware of what doulas need to know, how they need to behave and what they need to do to ensure that their clients have thee best possible experience. In 2019 I hosted the Doula Training Course at the Elbowroom and in 2021 I will be hosting a comprehensive bespoke Doula Training at Insight Matters Capel St. Dublin. This will be one of the first Doula Training of its kind and will draw on my 17 years working as a doula and advocate in the Irish Maternity System and also on my attendance at 100 births in Dublin.

The mainstay of my doula work lies in supporting birthing people and their families all the way through the antenatal birthing and postnatal period. This is my birth doula package. I offer several types of packages tailored to the different needs that different families might have. These include

Doula services for first time parents

Doula Service for parents birthing again

Doula service for parents planning a VBAC

Doula service for parents planning a c-birth

I also offer support for people who are looking for extra care and doula support after they have their baby. I offer both individual visits and also a postnatal doula package.

Postnatal Doula Package

Postnatal Doula Visit

For those people looking for support in the antenatal period only I offer a variety of birth mentoring packages, which are a one to one opportunity to have all your needs and questions met as you travel through your pregnancy to the birth of your baby. My birth mentoring package is a completely bespoke tailored one to one coaching package for people wanting to have consistent evidenced based expert support in their pregnancy journey and in preparing for the birth of their baby and in becoming parents.

Birth Mentoring Package for First Time Parents

Birth Mentoring Package for Parents Birthing Again

Early Pregnancy Doula Package

Miscarriage Support

I also offer homeopathic support and placenta remedies

Homeopathic Support

Placenta encapsulation

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