Ho Ho Ho Christmas induction coercion

Induction rates in Ireland and in many industrialized countries are soaring with many maternity units and hospitals having induction rates of over 45 – 50% for first time mothers. During the Christmas period these rates rise further to support administrative rostering in the maternity services. It would be a breath of fresh air if people were told that they were being offered induction due to staff rosters, and that they could think about it and decide if it was for them. Instead they are often bullied and coerced into induction by fear inducing notions statements and selective use of research.

In this podcast I talk about the research studies used to try to persuade people induction is always a good idea for them and their baby, even from 39 weeks. I also discuss the many reasons why induction carries risks and how the narrative between care provider and pregnant person should pan our and the importance of makin a plan and trust.

One of the great supports during this late antenatal period can be that of a doula. If you would like to consider training as a doula yourself, then my postnatal doula training is now open for registrations. The payment plan of €150 x 4 is active until the end of the Christmas season.

More information here Become a Postnatal Doula

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