VBAC - risks and joys

This episode of the Doulaverse looks at the topic of Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section and also of HBAC Home Birth After Caesarean Section. Both are available in Ireland, and both are vital to stop the incredible rise in our c birth rates and with that the rise in complications and issues associated with repeat c birth.

I look at some of the figures firstly which I hope are not too confusing! The primary reason HCPs do not favour VBAC is the fear of uterine rupture. And yet, when we look closely at the rates of uterine rupture, especially in comparison to other complications associated with repeat c births such as placenta accretia and cesarean hysterectomy the figures do not bear out the fear and anxiety that is widely perpetuated.

Just for the record here are the rates of uterine rupture for first VBAC 22/10,000 or 2.2/1000 (numerous studies)

For second VBAC the rate is 11/10,000

For third VBAC the rate is 6/10,000

The rate of perinatal mortality for planned cephalic birth is 1/1000, the rate of perinatal mortality for panned breech birth is 2/1000 and the rate of perinatal mortality for c birth is 0.5/1000 (RCOG 2017)

The estimated rate of perinatal mortality associated with uterine scar rupture is estimated as 1/10,000 births.

For more facts figures and fun listen in!

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